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Notaries in British Columbia offer a wide variety of legal services. Here is just a sample of the services I can provide for you. 

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  • Notarization and Authentication

    Notarization means that I confirm your identification, review your documents, and witness your signature on legal papers that you wish to use in Canada. If your documents will be used in another country, they must also be authenticated. Authentication is an additional step that verifies that I am registered and in good standing with the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia. Authentication can be a complicated process, and different countries have different requirements. If you have a document that is to be used in another country, please contact me.

  • Personal Planning

    British Columbia laws provide for a variety of documents that allow you to organize your estate, financial, and health and personal care affairs.



    A Will allows you to designate an Executor to take care of administering your estate, express how you wish your property to be distributed, and appoint a guardian for your children. If you own real estate, a vehicle, or other property, have a dependent spouse or children, or would like to appoint someone to administer your estate, you need a Will.



    When you grant a Power of Attorney, you are allowing someone you trust to make financial decisions on your behalf. This can be helpful if you will be away from British Columbia at the time a real estate or other transaction is due to take place, or if you need assistance with financial matters.



    A Representation Agreement allows you to designate someone to make health and personal care decisions if you are unable to make the decisions yourself. An Advance Directive allows you to specify your wishes about your future health care needs, and provide or withhold consent for future medical procedures. An Advance Directive can be especially valuable if you want to ensure that your preferences are followed even if your family's views may differ from yours, or you are concerned that the need to make medical decisions for you could create conflict.

  • Real Estate Conveyancing

    Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing property, I can explain, prepare, and execute all transfer, mortgage, and supporting documents for you, and then register them at the Land Title Office.


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